Dogs with F- and G-appendix
-which is called Bijlage in Dutch

As such has happened that a puppy buyer doesn't know much about the breed and believes the dog to be with normal pedigree, it is best to tell you a bit about the dogs with appendix in their pedigree. It's called bijlage in Dutch and later on I use that term here. This has mostly been a problem only by us in Finland ;o( as earlier the Finnish Kennel Club didn't keep the bijlages in the pedigrees. Nowadays the dogs are registered the same way as in Holland, and hopefully this no longer makes surprises to puppy buyers. In Holland there are some breeders specialized on the F-line. In Finland there are both F- and G-dogs. Today the F- and G-dogs are registered in Finland to ER-register with bijlage. In August 1998 the Finnish Breed Club organized a special judging for F-dogs and all which came were transferred into G-bijlage.

The breed crossing Tervueren x Longhaired Hollandse Herder is F1, F1 x LH = F2, F2 x LH = F3 and F3 x LH = F4. F4-dog can be by special judging be transferred to be a G0-dog. Most judged dogs have been breed typical enough to be transferred, but also some have stayes with F-bijlage. The G0 -dogs are allowed to attend normal dog shows.

The variaton crossing Shorthair x Longhair is named G0-dog in the first generation as there is no other breed in it (for ex. the character and construction are the same), but different hair variation of the same breed. G0 x LH is G1 and G1 x LH G2. G2 x LH has no more bijlage. The F-dogs which are transferred into G-bijlage have the same amount of generetions to pass into beeing without bijlage.

The first generation of KH x LH is always shorthaired of its' outlooks as shorthair is a dominate gene. But the dogs carry longhair gene and the gene maths gives the next generation (of mix x LH) 50% - 50% shorthaired and longhaired dogs of their outlooks. The dogs with longhaired outlooks do no more carry the shorthair gene.

The Tervueren x LH litters ever made
The KH x LH litters ever made