LH HHs with HD healthy hips from Sweden/Norway

sex name                                reg.number/numbers    bornhips    
 ♀Adina v.h. BorufseveldNHSB1812981-N13528/9326.1.1992HD *
 ♀AfiraN106232.5.1999HD *
 ♂AkasusN10620/992.5.1999HD *
 ♂Art N01190/9729.11.1996HD *
 ♂AstorN16214/9631.8.1995HD *
 ♂Bravo CornyN01203/9726.12.1996HD *
 ♀Diva v.h. BorufseveldNHSB2008155-N15184/9615.6.1995HD *
 ♀Draugen's Frossen FrokenN26033/9429.6.1994HD *
 ♀Draugen's Frossen FykenN26032/9429.6.1994HD *
 ♀Draugen's HeddaN04011/962.2.1996HD *
 ♂Draugen's HollenderN04005/962.2.1996HD *
 ♀Draugen's HuldaN04012/962.2.1996HD *
 ♀Draugen's HusbukkN04014/962.2.1996HD *
 ♀Draugen's JanisN00063/9728.11.1996HD *
 ♂Draugen's JokerN00058/9728.11.1996HD *
 ♂Draugen's Jotun v. TellusN00059/9728.11.1996HD *
 ♀Draugen's JuliaN00062/9728.11.1996HD *
 ♂Draugen's LargoN16038/9714.7.1997HD *
 ♂Draugen's LauritzN16035/9714.7.1997HD *
 ♂Draugen's Lucifer DamienN16034/9714.7.1997HD *
 ♂Draugen's MuninN16044/9724.7.1997HD *
 ♂Fastwin Langhe v.'t Noorder ErfNHSB1987715-S57582/952.1.1995HD u.a.
 ♀FeliziaNHSB1113272-S65846/807.6.1980HD u.a.
 ♂GigoloNHSB - N04215/969.5.1995HD *
 ♀Holliando´s Accounting YobaN06186/989.3.1998HD u.a.
 ♀Holliando's Aglowing EvitaN06187/989.3.1998HD *
 ♀Holliando's Amazing MaichaN06185/989.3.1998HD *
 ♂Holliando's Ambitious RossoN06184/989.3.1998HD *
 ♂Holliando's Attending Jom-JomN06183/989.3.1998HD *
 ♂Lissunmustan Cabor BuffelFIN27613/99-S151431/200030.5.1999HD u.a.
 ♀Raya v.h. BorufseveldNHSB2008154-N15183/9615.6.1995HD *
 ♀Tervuerenhuset's Joy of QuinnyS30862/979.8.1999HD u.a.
32 dogs

Note that in Sweden the classification u.a. and in Norway the classification *
(both marked u.a. here as my programm didn't work with putting the *)
means A1, A2 and B1.