My longhaireds in the autumn 2002
dog INT&FIN CH JWW-00 NordW-01 FinV-01 SV-02 Tervuerenhuset's Masder of Orinda,
bitch INT&FIN&EST&DK&N&NORD&RUS CH BaltW-98 KbhV-98 NV-01 Lissunmustan Azarella Antika
and bitch FIN&LV CH BaltW-97 Pl&PzSg-98 Svartskenens Antika Cinnamon

This "Longhairworld" is dedicated to Longhaired Hollandse Herders - information, fotos and several listings on health and titles... in addition to fun downloads. I use here the original Dutch name Hollandse Herder within English text deliberately; I want to make clear that this is all about the FCI-recognized dogs, not the ones which are bred in the USA under the name Dutch Shepherd Dog.
When I first got interested in HHs in the beginning of the 1990s there was not many information sources available. The old books (all in Dutch) were all sold out and the new ones not published yet. Today the internet has become a good media to share information and with this homepage I hope to be able to give someone new information on the loveliest dog breed I can ever imagine, the longhaired Hollandse Herders!

Hope You'll enjoy Your visit to the Longhairworld!   from Lissunmustan Hollandse Herders from Finland.