Who am I..?

My first self-bred silverbrindle longhaired in the spring 2003,
the bitch Lissunmustan Gizela Casha

I am Liisa Kukkanen, a longhair-breeder from far North, from Finland. This far I have bred ten litters since 1996 under the prefix Lissunmustan. That means Lissu's (a nick-name of Liisa) Black's, as I got the kennel name for Belgian Shepherd Groenendaels in 1992, but have never had any Groenendael litters. In my puppies there are several show champions (this far 30 national and 4 international championship titles. Also several winner titles are received.) Some have also done well on the working fields. Lissunmustan Blitz Harald become the first Agility Champion in the world and Lissunmustan Casser Buffel is the first HH in Finland (and obviously in the whole world also) who has taken part in skijorting trials. Some Lissunmustan puppies have passed the BH-exam (VZH in Holland, needed for being able to enter working trials).

I have been lucky in choosing the parents for my litters, the puppies are healthy and what comes to the hip scores, 44% of the examinated are with A hips, 48% B and the rest are with C-hips. Compare with the statistics of the whole world: A or B 73% (the Lissunmustans 92%), C 23% (the Lissunmustans 8%) and E or D 4%. My puppies are living in addition to Finland in Sweden, Norway and France. I have imported in Finland 15 HHs; from Holland, Belgium, Denmark, France, Norway and Czech which is about one fourth of all imports in Finland. About 75% of all Finnish breeders (who have bred during last 10 years) have used a Lissunmustan pup or import or their descendants in breeding, and offspring of them live in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Holland, France, Schweiz, Spain, Czech, Canada and USA.

When I first got interested in HHs in the beginning of the 1990s there was not many information sources available. The old books (all in Dutch) were all sold out and the new ones not published yet. Thanks to many wonderful persons abroad I have been able to gain a good collection of second-hand books, press cutting copies and fotos around the world. Thanks to all of You!

Since the beginning of the 1990s I have several times visited Holland, but also some other countries for showing my dogs or meeting HH breeders or for mating my bitches. Thanks to everyone who has let me to photograph their dogs, my foto collection seems to grow nicely. After some years of show-ring photography I have gone over to prefer taking fotos in the nature when the dog is free. My fotos can be seen on several HH homepages, also in databases like ZooEasy for NHC and Working-dog.eu. One of my dreams is to publish a foto book on longhaireds some day and also a Hollands Herder breed book in Finnish.

I've come a long way since I succeeded to get the first prints on the breed. Today the internet has become a good media to share information and with this homepage I hope to be able to give someone new information on the loveliest dog breed I can ever imagine, the longhaired Hollandse Herders!

Sincerely Yours,
lissunmustan_a:t_gmail.com   from Lissunmustan Hollandse Herders from Finland.